Evangelismos beach

It is situated on the north part of the eastern coastline of Karystia, 1km from the village of Evangelismos which is at a distance of about 47.5 km from Karystos.
The beach faces east and it is enclosed by steep cliffs which offer good shelter from the winds. It is about 60m long.
This is a sandy beach with some pebbly sections and here the seabed is not uniform. The water deepens sharply for most of its length and is pebbly near the shore with some rocky sections, which makes it ideal for snorkelling and amateur fishing.
On the west side of the beach there are plane trees which offer thick shade.
From Karystos we head east and go through the village of Aetos. At the end of the village we come to a forked junction. We take the left-hand fork. The road starts climbing quite high and we head north (we are 11.5 km from Karystos). From this point on we lose sight of the bay and the town. On our right we have the view of the Cavodoro Straits and the island of Andros. We follow the asphalted road to the village of Platanistos. The main road becomes a dirt road 5km after Platanistos and continues as such for about 20km north until the village of Evangelismos.

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